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You’re not going to believe this! You might be wondering, Hasting’s body had already turned to ash in the car? Well, it hadn’t. Yes, he did burn significantly, but his body still had structure and was standing in a seated position inside his car (even after the fire was put out). Several eyewitness reports confirm this, one in which is on record here: Eyewitness: Hasting’s not burned beyond recognition (put this aside for now, in favor of the upcoming video).

Kimberly Dvorak is the only journalist investigating this matter, and everyone else is remaining silent. I want to break down the items we’ve gathered from Kimberly Dvorak, her TV report  linked to below (you want to watch the Video first and foremost, the article isn’t written by Kimberly and is not discussed here):

In this report, she clearly states that Hasting’s family wanted his body to be returned home to them so that they could bury him properly after they do an exhaustive autopsy on the body. But, what appears to be the LAPD or the government decided, against the will of the entire family (yes, THE ENTIRE FAMILY) that they will burn and cremate the body even further and send it back to the family in an urn. They did both these things, without permission and specifically against the will of the family, deliberately burnt the body and sent back the ashes to the family via the post.

The family wanted to do an independent autopsy, now that the government destroyed the evidence, this is impossible.

Secondly, Kimberly discusses in the video how Hasting’s lawyer has details of the story he was working on, and it was so sensitive that he would not even tell his own wife in case it put her in danger. He said to his lawyer that if something were to happen to him, he wouldn’t want something to also happen to his wife (by virtue of her knowing any of the details of the story Hasting’s was working on at the moment of his death).

This is on top of details we’ve learnt earlier where Hasting’s had written an email to several people (carbon-copied) which was revealed by his confidant, SSgt. Joe Biggs, quoting Hasting’s as saying:  “I’m onto a big story, and need to go off the rada[r] for a bit” after expressing concern of his family members and associates being questioned, interviewed, pressed and pressured by the FBI and possibly the NSA.

Third, according to Kimberly, Hasting’s wife is furious and is looking for leads on the matter – she wants to press charges. Kimberly is following many leads and is worried that the media is not touching this story anymore (after the initial report, there has been nothing) – apparently they are all pretty scared. We already know about the Journalist that had her life threatened by what appeared to be men in suits (which is linked to the people involved in the Hasting murder), and the CNN reporter who had her computer hacked in a very sophisticated manner.

We all know how badly the media is in bed with the government, and the processes by which the media bends over backwards for them is not a singular proposition, it comes in creative varieties (numerous). From buying fake and pointless ads (disguised bribes) – I’m sure you’ve all seen commercials from some coal or oil company which appears to be doing a PR ad about its business, this is them giving the channel money and offering to pull the ads if they step out of line. Lets not forget my favorite, the money in politics method (legalized bribes) where the corporations dictate terms to the government, and use the government to dictate terms to the media outlets. Then there is the obvious one, where politicians do fear mongering to the media, telling them they will not appear on their channel for interviews on shows (big ratings push/gain) – in other words, the channel will not get access to the politicians, which will then hurt their ratings and therefore the bottom line. This is why when a politician appears on a show, they get such softball questions. Oh, and if you were to step out of line and ask real questions, your career as a journalist will be over (this has happened visibly on so many occasions now, I think it requires another blog post). However, feel free to enter the names you know of in the comments section, for the benefits of performing a loosely organized poll. There are more methods of course, but I don’t want to step off the main point of this hideous revelation. The media will not touch the story for obvious reasons, lets just leave it at that for now.

One a side note, and just to interject: Watch out world, it appears that we have one of those very rare real journalists on our hands! Kimberly Dvorak of San Diego Channel 6 TV, go get ’em girl!

Oh, and of course, Kimberly Dvorak is getting death threats! Although she claims that it’s normal for cases that are high profile in nature, there is a reason why this case should be excluded from that. Normally, death threats would only apply to cases where people disagree with the issue or case at hand. In this situation, the people do not disagree with the obvious possibility! People want to know what is going on, left and right – they want to know if the government murdered Hasting’s! The only “people” who are on the other side of this issue are the government officials who want this story to go away. They are doing a good job at holding the mainstream government-whip-slapped media down, but were unable to hold Kimberly down, as it seems. If there is going to be a death threat, it is most likely going to be from the government. The reason being, the people and citizens are not on two different sides of the issue. Normally, the people are on two sides of an issue and a group on an opposing side may have members that issue death threats, but this issue is unique in that it doesn’t have two sides among the citizens and audience that consumes the news. On this issue, the only group that hold the “other” side are the government officials that have the obvious agenda to hold this story down. If there is going to be a death threat, you know in all likelihood, there is only really one place that is could come from. I cannot and won’t discount the probability of a citizen issued death threat, but really, the odds of that occurring are so small that it should be nothing more than a thought tweaking in the back of your head (the purpose being, in case later, it becomes relevant).

On a final note, if the government had nothing to do with this. The first thing that they would want to ensure they do is release the body in-tact, to the family, so that they can do their own analysis on (by electing an independent body) to do the autopsy. Why would the government or the LAPD especially, with its already terrible reputation, want any additional Public Relations issues? The answer is obvious.

[I want to say the following, it may be a little speculative, but I’m still going to say it]…

I’m done with this – I’m calling it, a group high-up in the military-law enforcement sector had ordered his assassination, the next question is, what was the story he was working on? What was it that was so important?

The conversation should move to who ordered this assassination, and how he will be dealt with. We need to put pressure on this point, so the people who are complicit panic and do something out of the ordinary, something unexpected, unplanned, something silly or even something stupid. Unlikely, sure, but its a shot worth taking.

[There, I said it]!